We envision a day when compromise free eVTOL aviation is within anyone’s reach anywhere, anytime. Lupfe will provide support for companies all over the world by providing a solution that will purge the triple constraint - cost, flight duration, weight - of electric VTOL planes once and for all. The versatility of the combined performance, payload and range will provide nearly unlimited applicability, unfolding endless opportunities in industry, entertainment and extreme-sports. Start thinking outside the box and discover how you can use it before someone else does!

Lupfe was established in 2016 to build and introduce a heavy-duty commercial-drone equipped with our generator-set to the market. Development was financed by our own resources, and our target markets were primarily dusting and cargo. In 2017, we changed course and sought out an investor. We wanted this change! But why?

The first pilot flights of flying taxies have already begun. The flying taxi is an inevitable part of the electric-aviation industry’s future. More and more, bigger players have begun entering the market alongside start-ups already in possession of excellent prototypes.

We at Lupfe decided to effectively utilize our knowledge by cooperating with the industry’s best in order to contribute to the rise and revolution of e-flying. We decided to focus resources on the development of our generator-set in order to provide an ultra-light, purpose-built solution for enterprises developing electric aircraft.