Point-to-point, fix-route automated delivery regardless of available road infrastructure.

Reliable, easy, carefree!

The on-demand quick forwarding of goods is a necessity. On one hand, cargo drones can be an alternative solution to existing services. On the other hand, there are remote areas, even in developed countries, that have no alternative solutions to cargo drones when it comes to delivering quickly over long distances. Why do things the hard way? Effort is money!

Become independent of road infrastructure conditions!

Road infrastructure can neither be always optimal nor always available. Cargo drones are a quick and convenient alternative to routes made significantly longer by geographical constraints. Additionally, when road infrastructure becomes inaccessible for whatever reason, drones provide alternative aerial, ground and water access solutions.

Sometimes it’s just not possible to access a particular road, or its condition is so poor that it makes standard logistics tasks impossible. The ability to deliver time and temperature-sensitive products in a more flexible and cost-efficient way is one of the core functions of a cargo drone.

Upgrade your cargo properties!

- increased payload at increased range

- no battery charging, easy mobile refueling

- less infrastructure required

- refrigerated cargo option because of power surplus