Dust crop fields, orchards, vineyards, cotton fields, tea plantations, coffee plantations and much more.

Faster, quicker, more competitive!

GENius brings drone speed to a new level!  When short time windows require rapid work, the speed of generator-set enhanced drones will get it done for you in no time! At a competitive price it acts and responds faster in comparison with both aerial dusting and ground spraying solutions. Why wait? Time is money!

Be independent of geographical constraints! Do more at once! Get rid of trampling!

Vineyards are dispersed and small in agricultural terms. GENius enhanced drones can cover multiple areas in one go. With high-speed and swift response times, this is a game changer where frequent and immediate dusting is required.

Crop fields are coherent and widespread. Generator-set enhanced drones can go beyond what is considered ‘small’ in agricultural terms. With unmatched payload capacity and ultra-low-volume (ULV) dusting technology, it provides all the advantages of both aerial and ground dusting, without the disadvantages!

New horizons for dusting drones!

- 20 to 30 hectare an hour 

- quick refueling

- high payload

- simple deployment

- easy to use